Career Clinic

Professional development

Get expert advice from career coaches

During Which Course Virtual Week you will be able to make an online appointment with a professional development coach and avail of free expert career advice at our Career Clinic. The coaches taking part in the event come from a wide variety of sectors and will be able to offer industry insights and professional advice.

The Career Clinic is particularly useful if you are thinking of returning to education in order to change direction or take your career to the next level. Our coaches can talk you through your options, discuss career strategies and help you refine your course search. Some of the issues the Career Clinic coaches can assist with include:

  • How upskilling can work for you
  • Career planning
  • How to maximise and highlight your current skills
  • Ideas for what step to take next
  • Preparing for job interviews
  • How to design the best CV to suit you and to help you find the right job

In order to get the most from a consultation with the coaches, we recommend that you prepare key questions beforehand. That way, you’ll be sure to cover all the issues that are most relevant to you.

The Career Clinic is free of charge to all attendees of Which Course Virtual Week.